HDMI connector

HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, connector is a bundle of 19 wires inside a cable that delivers an uncompressed all digital audio video signal to AV sources such as HDTV or home theater.

The standard HDMI connector or cable is designed not only for the present but the future, for example it can carry a bandwidth of 5Gps (gigabits per second) that is twice what is needed to transmit multiple channel audio video. This design feature has guaranteed solid footing for HDMI for a long time

Carpet Cleaning ServiceTVs have long used analog interface. This meant that the digital signal would be converted to analog and then the television would have to convert it back to digital, which resulted in a compromised picture. The clarity, sharpness and color would degrade with every translation

With HDMI connectors, there is a pure digital stream that brings an uncompromised quality, the sharpness and clarity that is brilliant. If you have a DVI (Digital Video Interface) no worries you can use a HDMI connector that has DVI on one end and HDMI on the other. This means that HDMI is backwards compatible, another signature feature that makes HDMI so appealing. Bottom line: HDMI connectors are simple and easy to install. The consumer can expect to see more built in HDMI on digital TVs and other AV components in the near future




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