HDMI Switch

An HDMI switch is a multiple port box that has two inputs and one output. It is used for connecting multiple HD electronic devices such as, TV, DVD, Play station 3 thus creating multiple HDMI for the end user. If you have a HD monitor and have more devices than HDMI input, then this is the answer for you.

We would recommend a four port HDMI switch over a two port, however, as this will enable future expansions of your system without having to purchase another switch. In addition to expansion make sure your HDMI switch comes with a remote; consider this an essential, not an option. Next look at the backward capability and make sure you get a HDMI and not a DVI-D as the HDMI switch backward compatible therefore correct cable selection is all that needs to be done

Carpet Cleaning ServiceLastly look at the HDCP transparency this is of course standard on any switch as it has to pass HDCP data between source and monitor. Today, most manufacturers are committing a lot of their products to 100% digital.

They are realizing that HDMI is becoming the standard in the market and therefore the consumer is being offered a plethora of selection so the best advice I can offer is to do your homework and make sure you get the best HDMI switch for your needs



Affordable HDMI Switch