Wireless HDMI

Wireless HDMI is the newest plateau in wireless transmission for uncompressed high definition audio and video. However, while wireless HDMI promises bells and whistles that send videoholics and techies into heart palpitations it has yet to hit the open market.

There is a company however, that is at the forefront of this venture; Belkin, their product is called the Flywire and in fact they were nominated for a CES award in January after demonstrating this devices ability. What does this mean for the consumer?

Carpet Cleaning ServiceWell, imagine sitting in a room, pointing your remote at a flat screen wall mounted TV and having all of your AV sources (satellite box, DVD, game console and so on) being transmitted through your Flywire transmitter which streams wireless video and audio from across the room or from a different room (as in through walls) and does it without delay or interruption and further delivers top quality resolution and audio. Finally the elimination of endless bundles of wires and cables snaking about is also a plus and heightens Flywire’s appeal.

All that’s left at this point is for Belkin to actually make it onto the open market in a timely fashion. We all know that presenting a prototype that is ripe with potential wets the appetite. However, mass production for the open market that produces a reliable, high quality product is complex enough, but also making it a universal product must be done precisely as the consequences of rushing to the consumer can have disastrous results. So patience is the order of the day at the moment, but all is not lost, look for a 2nd quarter debut in 2009 by Belkin and Monster, it will be worth the wait



Affordable Wireless HDMI